Monthly Archives: January 2021

83 – Darrow: A Character Study

Erin & Ben explore the life and legacy of the one and only Darrow… the Reaper himself! On the pod we are joined by our wise and wonderful researcher Heather Madsen and Logan Sandoval of ZEF BBQ as we discuss why Darrow is such a great character and some of our favorite moments from the Apex Asshole. The episode wraps up with an impossible to decide PRIME 5 featuring voice work from the marvelous Nick Brindlow! Finally we end with Howler emails and voicemails along with a quick discussion on the future of HowlerPod. AWOOOOOOOO!

You can follow Logan @zef_hawaiian on Instagram for fabulous BBQ pictures and if you are in the Southern California area make sure to hive his psychoBBQ a try!

82 – Lysander au Lune Part 2: A Character Study

Erin & Ben continue their exploration of the life and legacy of Lysander au Lune! Join us for a Duel in the Bleeding Place w/ Hail Reaper Pod, then follow along as we read a glut of Howler emails and clear out the Howler Voicemail. And lastly, listen as we finally determine whether this extremely controversial character has survived the HowlerPod Passage and been deemed Prime… or will forever be known as a Pixie in our final judgement. AWOOOOOOOO!

Special thanks to Jeremy and Phillip at Hail Reaper Podcast for producing a segment for us. You can check them out @hailreaperpod on social media for more rad Red Rising content! Also shoutout to the all of the Howlers who contributed to this episode. We love you all!